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Taking Innovation and Collaboration To A New Level Hawaiian Style...

Our mission is to empower, enrich, and educate our community through innovative ideas and golden opportunities through technology and the meta world.


Featured Project

One Paddle, One Canoe


To maintain and perpetuate Hawaiian culture through the fostering of national and international amateur sports competition; to expose children, men and women to Hawaiian watersports, education, arts and crafts and other activities; and to provide a means and facilities for activities tending to foster the development and maintenance of strong and healthy minds, bodies, and spirits among all people.

Upcoming Projects

One Ball, One Court


To develop a facility and program with the intent to bring our Youth the fundamental building blocks, advanced training, and coaching to put them on a National stage with the goal to get recognized by National Collegiate Programs.  More importantly, learning life skills, teamwork, time management, winner's mentality, and the ability to overcome struggles.  

Secret Reveal


A secret reveal coming soon.  

The Project 808


Your Entrepreneur hub to cultivate a workspace that help accelerate the growth of Hawaii's technology and crypto industry by developing creative guidance and collaboration to all members.  Our goal is to create, structure, invest, and fund projects that will foster innovation and allow our community to grow and generate revenue for generations to come.

Meet The Team

    Micah Kalama

    Micah Kalama

    Micah is from a small island in the Pacific Ocean, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  He is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, free lance Bodyboarder, ocean paddler, and explorer!  His goal in life is to give back to his hometown community and build a small school for kids who have a passion in arts, sustainable energy, and the Hawaiian culture.

    Lorenz Valdez

    Lorenz Valdez

    Lorenz, also known as The Hawaii Mentor on Instagram, is a Fitness & Diet Coach from Lanai City, Hawaii, with over 5 years experience in Digital Marketing and Content Creation.  He has many interests and passions, but his biggest mission is to inspire as many people in Hawaii to live their best life by doing what they love!

    Kelii Klobucar

    Kelii Klobucar

    Kelii is the Co-Founder of Hawaii Entrepreneurs.  He truly believes in Collaboration over Competition is what our Community needs to understand to move into a brighter direction.  Kelii wants to teach and inspire others that Hawaii can thrive through utilizing technology instead of having to depend on tourism to uplift Hawaii.  His Ohana is his motivation to make a difference.

    Darren Tom

    Darren Tom

    Darren is the Co-Founder of Hawaii Entrepreneurs and specializes in Digital Marketing and Social Media.  He created Hawaii Entrepreneurs as a networking community to develop and inspire others to be creative and pursue their passions.  His passion is the game of basketball and loves to develop our youth the skills, the game, and the mentality to be great at whatever they pursue.

The Project 808

The Project 808

Aloha! Welcome to The Project 808. Our mission is to empower, enrich, and educate our Community through technology, innovation, and being connected with like-minded individuals, specialists, and authority figures.

This is first and foremost built with intention to give back to our Community and foster opportunities that will set us up financially, mentally, and spiritually with growth for generations to come.

Please join us in our Discord Group to get connected. This is absolutely FREE to join.